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How Much Do Call Centres Cost for Outsourcing? Call Center Outsourcing Competition

Businesses nowadays chose to outsource call centers for many good reasons. The call center cost for outsourcing is lower than recruiting an in-house staff. Outsourcing agencies make it possible to pay less for labor and serve clients faster and more efficiently.

In most cases, the average cost per call at a call center equals $1 per minute. It can be estimated that a thousand calls lasting 5 minutes each will cost somewhere around five thousand dollars.

The quantity of money you invest in an outsourced call center influences the fee per call/minute.

It’s vital to understand that the call center professionals should receive the proper training and knowledge about the product and services offered by the company. They must also know several languages to serve customers from different parts of the country.

All these requirements of the right workforce can be met only by outsourcing staff from the call center in Noida. Let’s find out several factors to consider when estimating call center outsourcing costs.

Understanding an “agent hour”

When you opt for outsourced staff, you only pay for productive agent time. You are not supposed to pay for the training or breaks. A call center agent is usually productive for 80% or more for an hour.

Assuming a decrease in Full-Time Equivalent

Call center companies possess enough expertise in predicting, recruiting, and managing for maximum efficiency. Experienced outsourcing agencies provide their client businesses with the requisite technology, ongoing coaching, and personal retention, as well as utilization of shared pool options.

That’s how a decrease in full-time equivalent can be noticed. However, the kind of customer care service remains at a high level.

Realizing “All-In”

Many outsourcing agencies include project management and training expenses in agent hour per minute rate. In many cases, ongoing technology-related expenses are included. It is a perfect solution for businesses that opt to implement new tech platforms as they mitigate risks then.

The Bottom Line

It’s rational to contact a call center in Noida, as the outsource call center costs are too lower than the price of in-house experts. If you wish to get a perfect price to quality balance, you should try contacting professional call center service providers. It’s much more affordable to avail services of call centers than hiring employees in-house.