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    Technical Support Services Center start realizing the need for a great technical support team, integrating it in their daily process has actually come profitable. 

    However, since having a team can be burdensome as it needs an entire infrastructure, Technical support outsourcing can be a great choice to ensure happy customers. 

    At Radiate, we value your customers and comprehend their value in your business. With us, you can acquire the best results with our result oriented approach.

    • We offer your a team of proficient customer support team
    • We provide 24/7 support services
    • We have the system variable and infrastructure
    • We personalize the service according to your business needs

    Our Technical Support Services

    • Payment support
    • Resolving billing issues
    • Order processing/provisioning
    • Sales support
    • Lead generation and qualification
    • Customer analysis
    • Order management
    • Troubleshooting and problem resolution
    • Online chat support
    • Reporting and decision support
    • Software support
    • Trouble ticket management
    • Application support

    You can increase your business’ competitive edge by setting up a virtual India-based call center.

    How We Help Your Business To Grow And Successful

    Pool of professionals

    We take pride in the pool of experienced professionals that we have in our team. With skills and knowledge we ensure offering top-notch technical support services to your most valued customers.

    Efficient infrastructure

    We know the need for a great infrastructure to ensure seamless operation and thus, with us we ensure you to get that. We have the ideal setup that is required for a business to offer a great technical support service.

    Guaranteed resolution

    Our team includes highly trained representatives who have been thoroughly trained in your products and services. Our team is available to help customers with any questions or concerns.

    Extensive knowledge

    Working in the industry for years now has enabled us to get an insight of the needs and requirements of this industry. Your coming to us to acquire the top technical support services will leave you relaxed.

    24/7 support services

    We know that cyutsiers might call businesses at any time and therefore we are into offering round-the-clock support service to your customers. This is to ensure 100% happy customers and zero grievances.

    Latest tools & Techniques

    We have some of the advanced tools in our tool that are used in the process to help our team understand in detail about the customers. This offers even better results to answer and resolve the issues.

    Industries We Cater

    Where We Work

    Benefits of outsourcing technical support services

    Our Benefits

    Outsourcing technical support services can be a lot beneficial for businesses in a lot of ways. With the experienced pool of professionals already available along with the setup that is required to offer the technical support to your customers, it becomes less of a headache for you to ensure that your customers are answered.

    Leveraging the infrastructure at the technical support services center that we have in radiate for your business, you can actually enjoy endless benefits in your business. 

    The reason is because we all know that happy customers are the cornerstone of a successful business. This way you can focus completely on your business while we take care of your support services.

    • Saves your cost in setting up infrastructure
    • Trained and experienced executives
    • Helping you to focus on your core process
    • Offering results in the least possible time
    • Result-oriented approach
    • Saves your time and effort
    • 24/7 offering the support service

    Technical Support Software We Use

    OUR Tools

    Frequently Asked Questions


    There are a lot of qualities that are required when you are looking for the best technical support support team. Some of the predominant ones are:

    • Capabilities of learning new things
    • Active listening
    • Analyzing technical issues
    • Adaptability
      Application support
    • Understanding Customers’ plight
    • Paying Detailed Attention
    • Keeping case notes
    These are some of the most common skills that are required to ensure great technical support services. Fortunately, we have the team who can perform the best in their respective jobs.

    Being considered as one of the most important teams of an organization, there is a need for the technical support team to understand the range of duties. Some of the most common duties include:

    • Understanding and identifying the issues
    • Offering troubleshooting steps
    • Properly diagnose the problems
    • Offering resolution in the least possible time
    • Handing both savvy and non-savvy customers
    This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions, however, we would say that it is completely your wish. If you have the resources and setup, you can absolutely have your own team. But for the businesses who are lacking both time and resources, outsourcing can be a blessing for them. This way they can give their complete attention to the business while we are here to take care of your technical support services.
    Most of the businesses have a confusion with these two. Although both of these have the same agenda of taking proper care of the customers, their services are a bit different. Customer service pays attention to ensuring great customer experience while a technical support team are the skilled professionals or the technicians who can offer fast resolution in the most reasonable manner to people irrespective of their background.

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