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    Prospecting new customers is crucial to your success, but maintaining existing customers is even more important. This is often overlooked by business owners who continue to chase new clients. It is not possible to lose valuable clients by neglecting their concerns. It is possible that you lack the resources and time to address every customer concern. Radiate E Services’ business processes outsourcing customer retention services can be outsourced by companies across the country.

    Radiate E services recognizes the value of loyal customers and can help maximize customer retention with sound, effective strategies. Our lasting strategies will help you retain current customers and increase your customer base.

    • Attrition rates of customers can be minimized
    • Quick and friendly response
    • Personalized customer loyalty campaigns
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Service complaints and flaws solved

    Our Customer Retention Services

    • On-point Messaging
    • Aggressive outbound strategies
    • Comprehensive call center functionality
    • Reduced Attrition
    • Personalized attention

    How We Help Your Business To Grow And Successful

    Affordable Pricing Options

    We offer customer retention solutions that are very cost-effective and provide you with significant value for your money.

    High-quality Services

    We are ISO certified and employ the most current best practices to deliver high-quality customer retention solutions.

    Excellent Infrastructure

    We're a leader provider of customer retention and have the infrastructure necessary to provide top-quality customer.

    Tools and Technologies

    Our team utilizes the best customer retention technology, software, and technologies to deliver cutting-edge service.

    Personalized service

    We believe that the nature of businesses differ as per the industry. Thus, we are here to tailor your service to ensure that you don’t regret coming to us.

    Drive Sales

    With our professional services knowledgeable in upsell and cross-sell, we convince even the toughest of customers to increase the sales structure.

    Industries We Cater

    Where We Work

    Benefits of Taking Customer Retention

    Our Benefits
    Our proven customer retention call center strategies can benefit your business significantly. We specialise in customer retention. If you don’t work on retaining your customers, you are already forgoing advantage for your competitors. Let us preserve your current customer base and foster additional customer growth for you. Our highly effective customer retention solutions can help you retain clients as long as you wish. To find how we can help you, give our call center consultants a call at +91 99718 31977.
    • Increased referrals
    • Increases the customer loyalty
    • Accepts a lower customer acquisition costs
    • Gives better revenue
    • Help you to acquire a prominent position in the market
    • Become successful and gain competitive edge by acquiring and retaining customers

    Customer Retention Software We Use

    OUR Tools

    Frequently Asked Questions

    BPO provides customer retention services to make customers happy by providing excellent customer support and new referrals . It increases customer retention by 5% and boosts profit margins by 95 %.
    Customer retention shows how successful a company in acquiring new customers as well as how successful they are at satisfying current customers. It can also increase ROI and loyalty, as well as bring in new customers.
    • Maintain customers by ensuring a seamless onboarding process.
    • Customers’ feedback should be taken into consideration. It is important to understand how customers feel.
    • Keep your products, services and company top of mind.
    • Reward loyal customers, and encourage promoters.
    Effective customer retention requires four steps: segmentation; service; systems; and selling.

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