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Market Research

Changing expectations, lifestyles, access to ever-evolving data & information, life stages, and inflating competition inevitably foretells the variable customer preferences and their buying decisions. Dearth in comprehending the consumer behavior, preferences and mindsets can entail significant losses – both in terms of customers and business reputation, thereby emphasizing on the need for robust market research services.

Why Outsource Services to Market Research Firms?

Smart enterprises use market research services to incessantly monitor & quantify changing consumer needs, market size, and analyze user behavior to stay ahead of competition. Market research firms provide businesses with accurate stats to plan and develop products and services that profitably match customers’ requirements and bolster decision making, enabling them to enter into the growth and success trajectory

Why Radiate?

Radiate is one of the leading market research firms across the globe offering highly lucrative and success-driven market research solutions to the line-of-businesses. Our expert practitioners with unparalleled research methodologies and diverse data sets help in unfolding user needs, capabilities, associated risks and market limitations helping you to take effective business decisions.

Our Scope of Service

  • Market Analysis:We use best-in-class analytical & statistical methods to understand market opportunities and threats, so that maximum revenue and stability can be achieved. In this, we study market size, growth rate, various distribution mediums, and market trends to add value proposition to your business.
  • Competition Analysis:In order to give your business maximum reach and profitability, we carry-out a comprehensive competition analysis and accordingly make changes to develop the strategy and make your business a success.
  • Data Collection:Our erudite research associates collect information about changing market dynamics, new niches and geographies that your business can step-in and create comprehensive reports in the same format proposed by you.
  • Opinion Polls:We conduct surveys by preparing set of questions in tandem with your business offerings to take public opinion through telecommunication channels or in person-to-person contact. This in turn helps in figuring out positive, deficient sides and new requirements allowing you to implement in the better way.
  • SMS Service:We create a text message campaign to gather information and help your customers with easy solutions. Our SMS service to Delhi Jal Board is a feather in our cap.

Our market research services extend to following segments:

  • Financial Sectors
  • Automotive Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Educational institutions
  • Government Bodies

Call us to get insightful, accurate and outstanding market research solutions in order to gain insights and meet various market research initiatives critical to your business.