Website Packages

Sn. Details
Gold Pack    Rs.35,000 6

Silver Pack Rs.16,000 6

Bronze Pack Rs.8,000 6
1 Price - Yearly
2 Priority Listing on Radiate e-Services 1st Priority 2nd Priority 3rd Priority
3 Total Number of Pages (General pages + Product pages) 5+250 Pages 4+100 Pages 1 Page
4 No of Products Displayed (Maximum number of product, out of total, that will uploaded by Radiate e-Services) 1-250 (50) 1-100 (35) 1-41
5 Non Committed SEO2 - 5 Keywords Yes NA NA
6 Video/Presentation3 (2-5 min) Yes Yes Yes
7 Google My Business Page Creation Yes NA NA
8 Mobile and Conversion Friendly (Responsive) Design Yes Yes Yes
9 Website Admin Panel Access4 Yes Yes No
10 No of Free Email Ids (each with 250 MB space)5 5 2 1
11 Domain name of client’s choice - .com/.net(subject to availability) Yes Yes Yes
12 SMS Alert For Enquiry Page to 1 Number Yes Yes Yes
13 Maps in Contact Us section Yes Yes Yes
14 FB, Twitter, Google plus integration Yes Yes No
15 Yearly Maintenance included 4 Change Request (after Live , without any Layout change and in accordance to template ) Yes Yes Yes
16 Monthly website service review with customer Yes Yes Yes
17 Email Support Yes Yes Yes
  • 1 Products will be displayed on the same home page
  • 2 SEO with no gaurantee on Ranking. The performance will come in 3-4 months. Though will try to Rank atleast 40% of the keyword
  • 3 We will embed YouTube Video link on the page. Video link has to be provided by the client. (Pref. You-tube link)
  • 4 Advertiser can make the changes on his/her website using the admin panel as well as he can check and manage the leads generated on his website .
  • 5 Email would be of the format
  • 6 Additional Taxes will be charged as per government policy.

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