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Upselling & Cross Selling

Radiate E services offers a wide gamut of high quality, time and cost effective outbound call center services. We boast ourselves on having the right mix of skilled manpower and cutting-edge technology which enable us to deliver out of the box services to our clients. We are dedicated to meet diverse kinds of large and small outbound call center services. We help you to achieve your business goals by offering high services to you so that you can easily reach your target audience effectively. Radiate E services is a leading call center service provider in the Indian BPO industry.  We work closely with your customers to understand their business goals, time flexibility, qualitative and quantitative requirements, and then devise customised solutions for them.

We offer some of the most promising ways to expand your target market and help you reach your target audience. Our most sought after up selling and cross selling services are counted among those prominent services that provide our clients with a competitive edge in their industry.  We provide customised B2B and B2C cross selling and up selling outsourcing services.

Cross selling & up selling call center services from Radiate E Services

Radiate E services is the premium provider of cross selling and up selling services that help our clients to retain and re-sell to their existing customers. Our highly skilled team of BPO professionals are thoroughly trained to deliver top class B2B and B2C up selling and cross selling outsourcing services. Our BPO executives strictly analyse and monitor customer databases to identify customer buying patterns. Our specially designed processes are backed by exact research and implementations which give extra push to our customers for generating revenue.

When you outsource cross selling and up selling services to Radiate E services, you can be sure that your special requirements will be handled with utmost importance. Our B2B and B2C cross selling service providers are best known for convincing customers easily to buy additional products apart from the original offering.  Similarly our up selling experts are extremely diligent and capable of persuading customers to advance to more expensive services, or add diverse features in already existing services.  

Radiate E services offers special advantages to their esteemed customers who outsource cross selling and up selling services-

  • Dedicated and experienced workforce-Radiate e services is outfitted with a dedicated team of well trained and expert professionals who are specialised at offering cross selling and up selling.
  • State of the art technology-Radiate E services is equipped with the most updated technology and infrastructure. We also keep a solid back up support to handle emergencies.
  • Stringent audit measures- We don’t compromise with audit standards. We adhere to strict audit measures and ensure that our entire team of call support executives follow the call center metrics strictly.

How our cross selling and up selling services help?

  • In maintaining a good rapport with potential customers
  • In reducing escalated calls as well as offering repeated calls
  • Boosting the call quality and productivity both

Contact us today to benefit from our up selling and cross-selling outsourcing services that will certainly raise your business bar.