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One of the most common and earliest non voice BPO services includes Transcription. Transcription service can be defined as taking the spoken word or recorded speed and converting it into paper or electronic text form. The output seems as if it is written in script form, though certain amounts of variations are allowed as per the nature of what is being transcribed. Today, it is the most demanded services in many industries especially in medical, media, and legal fields. They are most likely to seek outsourcing services for their varying transcription needs.

Many industries choose to outsource this task rather than performing it in-house. There are many BPO outsourcing firms that provide transcript services which enable you to control data. Radiate E services offer client-centric general transcription services from digital audio/video files that are used in presentations, lectures, blogs, seminars, interviews, video podcasts and more.

Radiate offers comprehensive, specialized, time-bound, and qualitative transcription services for companies operating at domestic or global level. We also provide transcriptions services for individuals, medical practitioners, academicians, and attorneys. We are outfitted with multi-skilled and experienced transcribers who are highly proficient in medical, legal, inventory, media, financial and medical transcriptions. Be it specialized or general transcription need, we respect your unique transcription needs by offering high confidential, customized, and high-quality transcription services.

Our Transcription service offerings include-

  • General Transcription

This service covers everything ranging from interviews, scripts, meetings, business conferences, speeches, to voicemails &educational content.

  • Inventory Transcription

This service covers check-in / check-out reports, inventory and schedule of condition reports, interim reports & more.

  • Legal Transcription

Legal transcription service includes comprising of hearings, legal reports, trials, depositions,   interviews, investigations, court transcriptions.

  • Specialized Medical Transcription

Specialized Medical transcription involves transcribing of Clinical/ Discharge Summary, Physical Reports; Medical Records/ Notes / Summary / Prescription for Hospitals, Clinics to Individual Physicians.

  • Academic Transcription

We offer transcription service for broad range of content including research, academic interviews, seminars, group discussion, lectures, and more.

We believe in offering reliable, cost-effective, accurate, and timely transcription services to our esteemed clients. Our highly capable and experienced transcriptionists follow multilayered quality control processes to offer high quality transcripts. They also take care of data security & confidentiality measures to meet industry standards.
Our state of the art transcription technology enables us to transcribe recorded material ranging from basic analogue audio dictation tapes to digital transcription of recordings.  We offer quality transcription services at market competitive prices in minimum time. Being considered as pioneers in the arena of transcription services, our transcriptionists make sure to deliver quality transcription in timely manner. We have a team of certified transcriptionists who will transcribe your video or audio recorded material in the desired text copy format. So, whatever transcription needs you have, just give us a call and get your needs addressed immediately.