Electronic Direct Marketing

The acronym of EDM stands for Electronic Direct Marketing. In today's world a lot of stress is laid on the fact that how one is actually broadcasting the relevant form of information to the concerned person. This way a bit more sort of personal communication process can be set out with the respected client. It is a sort of sending series of E-mails to the potential customers or even building a strong database. Adopting such sort of procedure is definitely a lengthy process and involves more than just E-mail communication. The various types of methods that are used to relay and reinforce the campaign message are-

Types of EDM Considered Best Are

There are basically two very important categories in which the procedure of EDM is undertaken are -

E Commerce

  • Special Offers
  • New Arrivals
  • Holiday Specials
  • Product Launches
  • Sale Reminders
  • Re Orders

Non - E Commerce:

  • Company Newsletters
  • Industry News
  • Testimonials / Case Studies
  • Event Information
  • Tips and Advices

EDM Services Offered By Us

Why Us?

The amazing quality of the skilled work force of the Radiate e- Services is that, they fully understand the requirement of each client and utilise their knowledge to drive the optimum output for our esteemed clients . It is like finding a needle in a haystack. This is the apt place which will save your precious time in figuring out a very minute form of data. The specialty of our work can be figured out from the simple thing that at what length we go just to make sure that the client is satisfied for what he has been promised by us in the beginning.

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