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Customer Support

Fuel up your business growth and boost your bottom line with exemplary customer support from Radiate call center across all channels. Radiate E-Services, a distinguished BPO and IT-enabled company will certainly take your business to the next level. We are outfitted with decades of expertise in the call center industry and committed to meet your business objectives by encouraging human interactions and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a closer look at the true meaning of Customer Service Call Center

A customer service call center primarily handles large volume of telephonic customer requests developing from the diverse range clients for the dealing purpose of extending customer support. The contact center specifically routes communications via telephonic conversations as well as handle customer interactions by way of live chatting sessions, emails, faxes, etc.

The epicentre of every business is to augment customer experience by winning their trust. Every company is chasing a rat race to woo customers by offering high end solutions to attract prospective clients and encourage existing ones to become loyal customers.

Why do you need customer support?

Businesses turn to call center for availing customer support service when they want to get their customer’s queries resolved in time or need assistance in generating leads. When it comes to our offerings, you are certain to exceptional customer experience that it extends via telephone calls, e-mails, web chatting sessions, SMS, and various other self-service mediums.

We pride ourselves to have on board a team of highly skilled and experienced service representatives who ensure that all your valued customers are being cared and respected. We not only meet customer expectations but exceed their expectations every time we interact.

Why Choose Radiate for Outsource Customer Support Services?

  • Quick query Restoration: Live operators at Radiate are highly skilled at accurately handling all the customer dilemmas in minimal time. Our esteemed representatives ensure zero call waiting time with maximum results.
  • Better Client Engagement: Radiate deal compassionately with your clients to understand their concerns which enable us to engage with your customers and develop long-term relations with them.
  • Quick Turn-around-time: Our decades of experience, vast industrial knowledge and proven track record of handling and responding to customers’ queries in no time has made us a leader in the industry.
  • 24*7 Support: We are committed to extending 24x7 support to your client’s extending both pre and post sales support.

State-of-the-art Technology we use to Support Customer Service

Our cutting-edge, advanced and specially designed technology enables us to extend quick customer support on the global platform. Our top-notch qualitative equipment offers autonomy of integrating it with your existing platform that helps us streamline your back office operations effectively. Our sophisticated tools enable call center representatives to have a look on the web history of callers prevailing on their ordering website.

Our well trained and extremely talented technocrats will work in association with your IT team to successfully meet your business objectives and key performance indicators without any delay. We believe in offering complete transparency which is why we provide timely reports, such as average call timings, customer conversion rates, rejection rates, etc. This helps our clients to keep a close watch on our working methodology and measure results as well. We also integrate real-time calling data into your organization’s existing infrastructure.

Stay tuned with us to keep abreast of our latest offerings in outsourced customer support services. Reach us at [email protected]