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Radiate E-services was founded in the year 2011 as an online B2B Marketplace to address the pressing needsofbuyers, suppliers, Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), and many large firms as well asindividuals to do business easily, anywhere. Since the inception, Radiate materialised a phenomenal surge in its reputation as a completely bankable firm, which has servedmore than 1000national and globalbrands ofdifferent business size. Our viable technology infrastructure paves creation for a reinforced workforce ecosystem,comprising a pool of highly qualifiedprofessionals having a multi-dimensional business exposure to B2B marketing landscapes. We have the powerful marketing reach to endless clientele,including businesses, enterprises, merchants, and other brands fromdiverse business segments. We offer a series of quality services in the field of Digital Marketing, Website SERP Optimisation, Digital Content, and BPO, in respective service packages designed in conformity with the expectations and budgets of our esteemed clients. Radiate E-services permits clients to leverage on the floodgates of service opportunities in diversified categories, such as: Data Entry Services, Telemarketing, E-Commerce Catalogue, and Website Development & Maintenance Services,provided by our team of knowledgeable and competent resources. Their consistent exposure to cutting-edge technologies, new market trends and most importantly, their upright professionalism for serving clients constitute a prominent factorforincreasing success growth of Radiate in B2B marketplace today.

Both buyers and suppliers can maximiseon the range of dedicated services that Radiate offers to benefitclientsin operationalizing their business hassle-free. Our services presented to buyers permit them to access to a broader marketplace replete with lucrative commercial opportunities, while for suppliers, Radiate facilitates an extensive reach of their business, locally and in global platforms, together with strengthening trust-factor of clients’ brand image. The core competencies of Radiate E-service, contribution of which translates our entity into a broadlynotable brand name, lie in the pool of 1000+ dedicated employees andby deployingstate-of-the-art technologies for our in-house processes. In addition,we showcaseimmeasurable capabilities towards innovative service offerings fornumerous prospective clients using strategy of result-oriented potentials. Therefore, we help our clients experience competitive advantage in their related businessturf.
We develop strategy in conjugation with your needs andensure that your business potentials are fully maximised and yield transformative results transcending its growth. Radiate E-service deploys different talent sets and expertise in our services of respective fields, such as Digital Marketing involving Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Electronic Direct Marketing. The level of excellence and quality maintained in our service-deliverysystems for valued clients asserts our market standing and integrity, which constitute the fact that we are an incomparably well-placed business establishment in the market that understands what it takes to make clients stay in long-term, sustainable business relationships. In BPO and Website service offerings, our expertise and talent sets lay the foundation for timely completion of any client-sent assignment, besides satisfying any service-related queries bythe proactive team of tele-executives, working their fingers to the bone in extending prompt voice support to the clients. Sustained customer-satisfaction through quality services bound by punctual delivery mechanism is what narrows down our vision toward achieving the holy grail of success.

Our Creative Minds

The cohesive workforce present in the premises is prominent in accuracy and speed. The given task is always completed within the precise timeframe. We have the excellent operational heads who perform to the best of their abilities to achieve the given targets within the given time period. Our strong customer base has been due the efforts deployed by the supporting staff under the supervision of top level management veterans who guide them as a mentor to get excelled in their fields. The management information system maintains the communication channel and ensures the relevant data flow through the premises. They keep a check on the work of each individual and help the company grow by developing a transparency in the organisation. The strategic approach is followed by the employees who have been the core strength of the entity since the genesis day.

Our staff has the acceptable skill-set for his or her jobs. As our strongest plus, we tend to frequently invest in their development and progress. Keeping with consumer necessities, project-specific training is imparted at the commencement of each new project when the new agents are aligned to an existing one. Upgradation of capabilities is finished through specific programs on regular intervals. We tend to provide equal-opportunity to the leaders and enlisting relies on the potential of the candidates, not simply just their curriculum scores on the degree. Furthermore, we tend to adopt the newest technologies, with relevance in maintaining an efficient, uninterrupted flow of project-related knowledge between your workplace location and our delivery centres.

What do we do?

With advancement in technology, the company has developed futuristic Dialer that promotes the development of technology. The Call Center Automation Technology and Dialer have been our high major developed technologies. Our first product Dialer is associated in serving as an essential component of Ameyo. It takes care of complete automation of dialling processes and conjointly provides a bunch of alternative productivity deterrents. It is a complete outward-bound answer that will be deployed as a complete product, or as a neighbourhood of Ameyo. With automation of the most time intense manual dialling, functions are typically handled by agents and supervisors. This Dialer increases the time considerably and provides you way more management over your operations. Its comprehensive capabilities together with voice recording, quality observance, reporting, CRM & multiple campaigns and lead management have been specifically designed to extend the productivity by automating the outward-bound dialling processes. The other one includes Call Centre Automation Technology that has been instrumental in the development of the organisation. Call Center Automation Technology is that the advancement of a call centre, where the decision centre may be partly machine-driven by machines to serve the client with high efficiency. Its ability to integrate seamlessly along with your existing CRM/ Sales-force ensures that your records that are perpetually up-to- date. Our organisation is totally indulged in technology solutions, so as to drive customers’ complete satisfaction. We tend to incorporate innovative concepts and techniques in our operating methodology to mark our unmatched presence in the market.


“Service of extraordinary potentials to clients by leveraging on our in-house talented resources, expertise and years of experience in B2B marketplace. We simplify business for the businesses.”


“Radiate E-service aims at making the business an easy venture to do, enabling clients streamline their business, and create our brand image as the most trusted one for many more years.”

We tailor our services to each and every brand, ensuring the best possible outcome every time.

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